How it Works

You can get your new catering equipment through a selection of weekly payment offers or you can purchase it up front. We have outlined below how our Try it Buy it weekly payment offer works, as these prices are illustrated on our website, or what to do should you want to pay for the equipment up front.

To see the full range of payment options offered by U-Select, please click here.


Try it Buy it Rental

All the rental prices illustrated on this website for new equipment are for our Try It Buy It plan. 

We buy the equipment and then rent it to you for either 1 or 2 years, whichever you prefer. You can select either a 1 year or 2 year option from the drop down box under Payment Options, before you add the item to your cart.

At the end of the contract you can return the equipment, continue to rent it under the same terms, or choose to buy it.

During the contract period you don't own the equipment, which means you are covered if it breaks down, and we'll repair it for you as part of the contract (unless you've done something silly!).

All our advertised items are subject to manufacturer's availability. If the item you want isn't available, or has a long lead time, we'll call you to offer an alternative.

A minimum payment of £10 per week may apply 

Your Payment and Credit

We ask you to pay the equivalent of one week's rental through the website to secure your chosen items. Once you have paid this, we will begin the order process, call you to make sure we're providing you with the right payment offer and set up your weekly payment plan. 

Before we deliver your catering equipment we ask for three months rental as an advance, although this will be returned to you at the end of your contract, as long as you are returning the equipment in good order. 

Sometimes customers don't qualify for Try It Buy It. If this happens to you - don't worry! We offer a range of other payment options to make sure you can still get the equipment you need. If this is the case, your sales person will talk you through your options with you at this point. We can use the payment you've made to secure your items as a part-payment of a more suitable payment option, or refund it to you if you don't want to continue. 


Purchase Outright

If you wish to purchase the item of catering equipment outright, select the 'buy outright' option under the 'payment options' drop down, before adding it to your cart. When you purchase an item outright, we will call you within one working day of your order to arrange delivery. 


Approved Used

All Approved Used equipment on the site is priced under our popular "Flexi Hire" option.To find more about this option, click this link: U-Select Flexi Hire Explanation.