This dishwasher is suitable for businesses that have a high volume of dishes that need to be washed. This unit is capable of washing up to 720 plates per hour so if your business goes through this amount, then this is perfect for you!

It has 3 wash cycles: a light wash that takes 1.5 minutes, a standard wash that takes 3 minutes and an intense wash that takes 5 minutes. This allows you to choose the cycle that suits you best depending on how much time you have / whether some dishes need a more intense wash. 

It is extremely easy to keep clean due to the continuous hood clean system. This ensures that the hood is hygienically cleaned at all times. Not only this, but the front panel can be removed so that you can easily clean the inside.

The only difference with this unit compared to the Classeq Pass Through Dishwasher: P500A12 is that this one runs off 3 phase, 16amps.