A compact and efficient wall-mounted unit capable of providing you with 24/7 hygiene and safety protection. Air is continuously circulated through the unit and sterilised as it passes through.

The HyGenikx HGX-W-30-S has been created specifically for general areas such as washrooms, changing areas and front-of-house locations and covers a range of 30 square metres. 

Hygenikx significantly improves hygiene standards to levels impossible to maintain with traditional cleaning methods alone thanks to the machine utilising a combination of the most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies available. Capable of eradicating unpleasant odour, kills primary sources of infection and helps to preserve the shelf-life of fresh food.

If you’re looking for this unit but to cover a smaller area of space, check out the HyGenikx For General Area 10sqm Range HGX-W-10-S or HyGenikx For General Area 20sqm Range HGX-W-20-S.

This unit is also available in a titanium finish at an extra cost.